It's all started with intense exploration of Asia and United Kingdom business environment, connectivity and ever changing global landscape. Having lived, worked and traded in Asia and UK, we experienced and realised the missing opportunities of linking Asia and United Kingdom. Growing Asia and its potentials are not capitalised by UK businesses and customers. Targeting UK businesses and customers and developing new opportunities were found to be a difficult task for Asian Businesses. Evolving global economic landscape changes the role and perspectives of UK from outside. UK strives to become a global business player and centre leaving from European Union. Bridging with UK means, we believe, bringing global visibility. Hatching up the UK and Asian relationship has the potential to create business entities in the scale never before.

To enable and to create opportunities beyond imagination, we created UKSIA platform for businesses and entities to list, discover, trade and create new opportunities globally. UKSIA is a premier business platform for the businesses want to bring their visibility to wider and broader UK and Asia market and customers. Unique platform to list UK and Asia businesses advertise their business, opportunities, deals, events and classified. New products, new campaigns, special deals, focused events, all be advertised in this advanced technology platform reaching out your target audience. UKSIA provides premier services to link up and grow their businesses.  Using state of art technologies, we wanted to connect businesses and entities all over Asia and UK to build opportunities together. We believe this trusted platform and the services around will multiply the market place and greater wealth for the businesses using the platform.

UKSIA is owned by Dexsia Ltd, a registered UK Company.

                                                          "Opportunities Beyond Imagination"